Bengals unveil new uniforms

The Bengals were slated to reveal their new uniforms at 9 a.m. on Monday morning. But they apparently moved up that timeline, unveiling their new set of jerseys and pants with a Twitter video featuring former wide receiver Chad Johnson early in the 8 o’clock hour.

Cincinnati’s new uniforms feature the same helmet the franchise has used for decades. But the jerseys have been re-tooled to make for a simpler, cleaner look.

The Bengals’ primary jersey will be black with three orange stripes across each shoulder. The primary white jersey is similar to its former white color rush uniform with black stripes across each shoulder. But the sleeve of the jersey is now white. And the team’s orange alternate jersey sports black stripes across each shoulder.

Each of the three jerseys has “Bengals” across the chest above the numbers.

The team also has three sets of pants that can go with each jersey: white with black stripes, white with orange stripes, and black with orange stripes.

“We wanted the new uniforms to have a clean, sleek design,” Bengals director of strategy and fan engagement Elizabeth Blackburn said on the team’s “New Stripes” page. “We used our popular color rush jersey, helmet, and the beautiful bengal tiger as inspiration to achieve an iconic bold look.”

Time will tell if the jerseys will indeed become an iconic look, but they do offer an opportunity to purchase something new as the team moves into its second year with Joe Burrow at quarterback.